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We've talked to lots of FCPs who feel that their logbook isn't working for them.

Is your logbook constantly out of date? Does it feel like busywork? Like you're entering the same information in a dozen different places? On the Follow-Up Form, the General Intake Form, the Information Card, the Organizer Sheet, your scheduling system, your accounting system...

You are not alone. Most practitioners feel this way.

What if you could consolidate all of that information into one place?

Would that help you feel more organized and better able to serve your clients effectively?

FCPro is one place for your client information. It's accessible from anywhere. And it's much more friendly and useful than an Excel spreadsheet.

How about instant reports, reminders for overdue clients, and client take-home notes? You got it.

I love seeing how many active clients I have!! That is so so very helpful to have the number in a pinch without counting...will come in handy for ordering Christmas cards this year, for sure!! And helps me know how many I can take on and when.
- Liz Escoffery, CFCP

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For Interns:

  • Quick access to monthly reporting numbers for your supervisor.
  • Easy access to data for Case Management Reports and Case Report Summaries
  • FCPro is free for interns for 15 months


  • Know exactly how many Active or Pregnant Clients you have, and Inquiries pending.
  • Plan your time with real knowledge about your pipeline.
  • Track your certification numbers without counting.
  • Quickly and easily report to the FCCA.

For Educators:

  • Receive monthly numbers reporting on time.
  • Enjoy more organized, confident interns.

Hi, I'm Anna Saucier!

I am a certified FertilityCare Practitioner and founder and director of Veritas FertilityCare, based in San Diego.

I have a background in Information Technology, Real Estate Finance, and Web Development and have been running my own businesses for more than 10 years.

I created FCPro to keep my own client load and business organized and I want to help other FCPs do the same.

I am based in San Diego with my wonderful husband of 11 years, 15 year old stepson, and NaPro miracle baby!

I look forward to hearing from you!