Anna Saucier, CFCP, Founder FCPro

Hi! Here's a little about myself and why I founded FCPro, the online logbook :)

I grew up in Arizona, attended Franciscan University of Steubenville, ran off to Southern California, chased a long distance relationship all the way to Anchorage, Alaska (which flopped), and finally met my husband there. We now call sunny San Diego home!

I'm an adventurer at heart -- I feel "in my glory" on the side of a mountain with everything I need on my back. I enjoy running (really) and have completed three marathons, a few halfs, and a handful of other races. There are not many places in the world my husband and I wouldn't live and we hope to make the leap to family nomads in the near future.

After spending nearly 15 years jumping from IT to real estate finance to web development, I felt a strong pull to find something I could do that would really make a difference in peoples' lives and in the world. My husband and I had been charting Creighton for almost five years and had been working with a NaProTechnology doctor for four. Through a total of seven years of infertility, I'd been through all the stages of grief and finally to some semblance of acceptance. And I realized that I could help others.

I began my FCP internship on a whim and a prayer. Less than one month after getting the idea in adoration, I was off to EPI with the FertilityCare Centers of North Texas Education Program. I LOVED EPI and knew that this was where I belonged. After returning home and getting started, however, I started to become overwhelmed with paperwork and realized that if I really wanted to make a business out of this, I was going to need better organization. I knew that the way I was doing it wasn't sustainable, wouldn't scale, and that I would feel stuck and eventually burn out. So, I enlisted my husband the software developer to build me a client management system. And he did! That was the first version of FCPro. And it was awesome.

Then, by the grace of God and NaPro, we found out we were pregnant. Everything else went on the back burner for awhile, and I basked in the goodness and pushed through the struggles of being a mama of an infant.

When things settled down and I was ready to jump back in, I realized that I really wanted to share FCPro and other tools with other FCPs, and help lead and guide the profession in a more business-focused direction. My personal goal is to see FCPs contributing to family income, not sacrificing nights and weekends for very little or no money, and being happy and excited in their work rather than overwhelmed and close to burnout.

So, that's my plan. Let's do it!